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Bursaria Wedding Planning Guide | Series #2

By now, you are now well and truly in the midst of your wedding planning, and you should be feeling super accomplished and organised – you have set a date, found your wedding venue (extra special congrats if you chose one of our Bursaria Fine Foods venues! You’re in for a treat!), settled on a theme and you have a rough idea of who will be celebrating with you – your special day is taking shape!

Picking up from the previous guide which helped you get cracking on the initial steps to start your wedding planning, this next guide will focus on what tasks you need to tick off the list, from 12 months – 6 months prior to your wedding:

8. Book Your Suppliers

Booking your suppliers – celebrant, wedding cake, photographers and videographers, florist, cars, hair and makeup, DJs or band, decorators and all the finer details you want to bring your theme together; will be one of the biggest tasks you will undertake.

It is important to hire the right people to ensure your big day runs smoothly, so take your time with research – read reviews, be clear with your expectations and make sure you feel comfortable with the person or company you are hiring.

You need to give these vendors as much time as possible to lock in their services on your set wedding date, and you can also use this time to negotiate pricing and find the best value for money.

Keep a clear list of what you have already booked, and deposits paid / costs involved – stick to your theme and budget as closely as you can. And be sure to put in reminders closer to the date to confirm all bookings and check all is progressing on schedule – but we will touch more on that in the next guide.

Bursaria run venues – Abbotsford Convent and The Refectory at Werribee Park, maintain a list of preferred suppliers, whom are trusted to provide exceptional service and offer the best value for money. You are of course, welcome to choose any supplier you like, but it’s always a great idea to check with your venue first if they have recommendations for you. It will be a huge time saver!

9. Finalise Your Guest List and Send Out Invitations

If you haven’t already, it’s time to create your final wedding guest list, and get ready to send out your invitations. Some couples like to send out ‘Save The Date’ cards before the invitations, and if you wish to do this, make sure the Save The Date cards go out quite soon after you have set your date.

For the official invitations, give your guests at least 6 months’ notice, so they can plan to attend (longer if you are having a destination wedding involving travel), and set a clear RSVP date several weeks before your big day – you will need to keep track of all the attendees and those who decline, and this final number of guests will be given to your venue for the catering.

*Top Tip – include space on your invitations for your guests to add in any dietary requirements they might have – our team suggests providing these specific food preferences as early as possible to allow time to order, and prep.

A cute idea is to also add a section for your guests to add in a song of choice – this information can be crucial in creating your playlist for your DJ or band, and will get your guests up on the dancefloor!

When finalising your guest list, be sure to keep your venue’s capacity in mind as well, and don’t invite more people than the space can handle.

10. Get Your Glam On!

Gents will need to be fitted for suits, and ladies – it’s time to start shopping for your wedding gown!

Like everything else you have organised so far, do your research first and narrow down a few bridal stores you would like to visit in person. Make appointments, get your special bridal squad together, pop the champers and make a day of it!

Depending on whether you are custom designing or buying off the rack – wedding dresses and suits can take months from the time you purchase, until it’s properly fitted and tailored, so don’t wait until the last minute to select your outfits.

Once you have selected your dress and suits, also organise your accessories – shoes, veil, jewellery and other finishing touches

11. Plan Your Honeymoon

You may be thinking a lot about how to plan your wedding step by step, but don’t forget about the honeymoon! If you’re planning on jetting off on your honeymoon shortly after your wedding, it’s time to choose a location, book your travel and accommodations, and start planning an itinerary.

While you are planning your honeymoon, also take some time to think about accommodation on your actual wedding night, and be sure to book this in now also.

Optional extras at this time, would be:

12. Menu Tasting

Check with your wedding venue if they offer a menu tasting – this is a great way to get an idea of the taste and presentation of their catering, each individual dish, and from this you can select your wedding menu.

Some venues offer this for ‘free’ (the cost is built into your package), and other venues – like us here at Bursaria, offer a menu tasting at a reasonable cost per person.

This is a nice dinner to invite both sets of parents to, and provides an opportunity to get together and discuss your wedding plans to date, and hear feedback and opinions from a trusted source about your menu.

13. Schedule / Plan Other Celebrations

If you are having bachelor and bachelorette parties, a kitchen tea event, or a rehearsal dinner – now is when you need to start planning for these celebrations also. Generally, your bridal party members will organise these for you, but you need to be across the dates so you can schedule them in, and organise outfits and details for each event.

14. Gift Registry

If you are wanting a traditional style gift registry, use these months to get that organised. You will need to include details of your gift registry within your official invitations, or update this on your wedding website.

Once you have ticked all the above off your ‘To Do’ list, congratulations! – you are more than halfway through your planning, and you now should be very clear and excited about how your day will look, feel and run. You should be feeling like a planning machine at this stage! Go, you!

Have a wine, relax, reward yourself with a facial or massage, and get ready to tackle the final homestretch run to your big day!

The next planning checklist in the series – coming next week, will explore the next, and final, phase of planning – what you need to organise in the 6 months prior to your big day! Stay tuned…

In the meantime, if you require specific advice or wish to chat with us about viewing our venues – Abbotsford Convent; or The Refectory at Werribee Park, please jump over to our website – http://bursaria.com.au/  for more information and contact details