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Bursaria Wedding Planning Guide Series #3

You are on the home stretch – only 6 short months to go until your wedding day! The countdown is well and truly on, and before you know it, you will be waking up on the morning of the most special day of your life!

If you have been following our helpful wedding planning guide so far, you will be super organised and most, if not all, of the big tasks have already been ticked off your list – however don’t relax yet, as you do have a little way still to go!

These final months are crucial to check, double check, and triple check all you have planned and organised thus far, to ensure every detail has been thought of, and you don’t forget or miss anything.

So, with 6 months remaining, this is your next and final planning guide:

15. Buy Wedding Rings

An important symbol of marriage, be sure to purchase your wedding rings a few months before your nuptials. Your wedding ring should feel comfortable (you’ll be wearing it all the time!) and suit your personal style.

Remember to hand these over to your ring bearer or best man, for safe keeping until the exchanging of the rings in your ceremony.

16. Create a Seating Chart

Work with your wedding venue to determine how many tables your wedding space can accommodate. Then, use an online tool, or an old-fashioned marker and paper, to figure out who sits where.

Bursaria provides floor plans for each of their venues – Abbotsford Convent and The Refectory at Werribee Park; which makes figuring out how many tables you can fit, and where your guests will be seated, a breeze!

Ensure to keep your relationships and family dynamics in mind. Once you’ve finalised your seating chart (usually a week or so before your wedding), be sure to send this to your venue so they can set up your plan correctly, and know where people with dietary requirements will be seated.

17. Meet with your Celebrant

Your chosen celebrant will take you through the planning of the ceremony, explain how it will run, and ask you which personal stories and snippets of your lives as a couple, you would like to include.

They will also assist with the lodgement of the forms needed to arrange your marriage license and certificate – you will need to follow their instructions as to what paperwork to complete, and when it needs to be submitted.

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18. Confirm Final Details with Your Suppliers

Wedding suppliers work best when given all the necessary information they need to allow them to perform their services. You’ve most likely been in close contact with your suppliers leading up to your wedding, and by now they should be across your needs and have scheduled in your booking.

During the final stage of your planning, you will need to pass along critical info to your vendors – final guest numbers for catering, table numbers for how many centerpieces you’ll need, playlists handed to your DJ or band, list of preferred shots and locations to your photographer etc.

Use the last few months and weeks to make sure that you’ve tied up any loose ends, your suppliers have all the information they need; and they have been properly paid up to date.

Anything that won’t be delivered or installed on the day, and needs to be collected by you prior to your wedding – such as your dress and suits – should be picked up and stored safely. 

As a premium venue, we highly recommend informing your venue which suppliers will be attending on the day, and what they are bringing / setting up – to ensure there is adequate access and set up time.

For extra peace of mind, call or email each supplier a fortnight out from the wedding to confirm every detail, make sure they understand your expectations, and are on schedule.

19. Finalise Wedding Schedule

Your wedding schedule will highlight the timing of the day – when the food will be served, what time the speeches will take place, at what stage you will perform your first dance, or cut the cake… your wedding venue will most likely help you the most with this.

Bursaria’s in house wedding coordinators will create this for you, and you can tweak it along the planning stages – once finalised, our team distributes the same info to all relevant parties for you.

It is super important for you, your MC, your venue, planner and caterers to have this document – as it means every single person who has an interest in running your day, is on the same page, and everything flows effortlessly.

20. Plan for Wet Weather

We don’t want to jinx you, but putting in a little forethought and having a plan in place in case of forecast rain on your wedding day will ease any anxiety you feel as the clouds roll in…

If you have any part of your ceremony or reception that is booked to be outdoors, ensure you have a Plan B! Hopefully you won’t need to enact it, but if you do, just remember – rain shouldn’t dampen your spirits on your wedding, a little drizzle can mean some gorgeous photography, and it is meant to be good luck!

Luckily for Bursaria couples, we have indoor spaces to quickly move your ceremony to, in the event of wet weather. In the days leading up to your wedding, if the forecast is rain; you will be asked what your preference is – to remain outdoors or to be set up inside instead. It’s so good to have an in-house team that is on the ball and proactive!


21. Write your vows

If you are writing your own vows, all we can say is – don’t wait until the last minute to put pen to paper. Vows should be given the proper respect and time to be written properly, and from the heart.

22. Hair and Makeup trial

If you would like a trial of your hair and makeup beforehand, book this in roughly a month before your wedding date. This will give you time to discuss any changes or tweaks you may want, and have a second trial if you need it.

23. Pre Wedding Celebratory Events

You may have planned and be hosting bachelorette and bachelor parties, or another traditional or cultural celebration event before your actual wedding day – the weeks right beforehand would be the best time for these, as it really kicks off the lead up, and builds up the momentum and excitement for the big day.

A rehearsal dinner is usually booked to be held a night or two before the actual wedding day.

24. Self Care and Pampering

The planning is done, everything is booked and confirmed, NOW is your time to relax and indulge in a little pampering!

In the days immediately before your wedding, make some time to slot in your final personal preparations – such as a manicure, pedicure, spray tan, facial… break in your wedding shoes, steam press your dress and suits, pack your bags for your wedding night or honeymoon if you are jetting off straight after your wedding…

Get lots of sleep and drink lots of water so your skin looks extra fresh and glowy!

25. Get Married!

The big day is finally here!!

You, your partner, your families, your venue and your suppliers have worked hard to follow all the steps to planning your wedding, and now is the time for you to enjoy every minute of your special day!

Our final piece of advice, would be to take a few moments when you can throughout the day – just to catch your breath, and look out over your friends and family eating, drinking, laughing, dancing – they are all there to celebrate you and your love. Let that feeling of joy and appreciation wash over you, as these few precious moments of calm within the busy day, will be treasured memories for the rest of your life.If you need any further assistance planning your wedding – especially if you need to find the perfect wedding venue or caterer for your special day, please get in touch with our friendly staff at Bursaria – we would love to help make your wedding dreams come true! Get in touch via http://bursaria.com.au/