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SPOTLIGHT : Silvana Tedesco Couture

Due to the wealth of knowledge and experience our team has accrued over the years Bursaria have been leaders in the wedding industry; we get asked for recommendations of great suppliers all the time – florists, cake makers, jewellers for wedding bands, even honeymoon locations! From our award-winning catering served in our gorgeous venues, to the exceptional event management we offer to our couples throughout the entire planning stages leading up to their special day, we pride ourselves on giving the absolute best of the best to our clients…

So! If we were ever going to offer a suggestion on a supplier, they would have to offer the highest calibre of service and the finest quality finished product, all whilst offering value for money. Then sprinkle in passion, sass, understanding, efficiency, experience, expertise, and a personality that adds excitement to your wedding planning – and that’s just at a bare minimum! One of our favourites that ticks all of these boxes, is esteemed Melbourne couture wedding designer, Silvana Tedesco. 

Silvana boasts a formidable reputation, having been immersed in the wedding industry for over 10 years, and brings a wealth of experience to any bride searching for a stunningly gorgeous, designer wedding dress. Firmly focused on empowering women to look and feel their best inside and out; Silvana is a positive and uplifting influence, gifting each bride with her love, passion, extensive knowledge and expertise whilst working alongside you to find, design and create the wedding dress of your dreams.

We sat down with Silvana to get her insights and advice to help you say ‘yes to the dress’, with confidence;

What would your advice be for a bride starting her wedding dress journey?

Breathe. Be open minded and don’t take 15 people to your appointments. It’s so overwhelming when you have a lot of different opinions thrown at you. Take your closest friend or a parent, and then make a shortlist of stores where you loved certain gowns and take your larger group of friends back to those specific ones to narrow it down. 

What wedding dress trends will we be seeing in 2020?

I think a lot of women are really paring back and going quite slick and modern. Clean cuts and white fabrics are definitely still on trend.

How far in advance should a bride start shopping for her gown?

For a custom/couture process, I would recommend looking around from 12 months in advance. A year gives you plenty of time to research and see what you do and don’t like. You want to find someone to work with that you get along with, and trust, so that can take time too. You should allow 6-8 months for manufacture but it will depend on the fabric and design of your dress – some dresses need months to bead etc.

What is the difference between a ready to wear dress vs a custom made?

A Ready To Wear dress is normally purchased from an existing design collection where no changes can be made. Some places offer alterations as part of their service. The collection is normally available in a set of sizes and colourand cannot be changed.

Made to Order – There would also be a set collection but there is no stock, therefore they are made as the client orders them, which should allow for small changes and colour/fabrics changes etc.

Couture – Is made from scratch. Design, fabric, style, adornments, can all be chosen personally. We take measurements, make a toile/calico fitting which is a rough design of the dress and is fitted to your body to get the pattern. Then from there, you would have another 3 or 4 fittings to ensure the fit and design is correct. It is a long process but the design is 100% unique to you, and often never repeated so you are getting a dress no one will ever have. But, because of this, it comes at a much higher cost compared to ready-to-wear, or made to order.

What is it like, getting a custom gown designed by Silvana Tedesco?

With ST, it’s fun, exciting and stress free! I am here to guide my clients from start to finish to ensure they are happy and most of all, feel amazing in their gowns. 

I really do hold their hand through the entire process. I go shopping with my couture clients to look for fabulous fabrics and I love doing that so that they can really be involved in the special piece that I am creating for them. It’s really just the best experience ever!

Tell us about your new signature ready to wear collection…

Its clean cut and fresh. It offers the fashion-conscious bride something sexy and affordable to wear on her wedding day. You can learn more about me, and my collections at https://www.silvanatedesco.com.au/