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Who inspires Bursaria? | #IWD2020

With International Women’s Day right around the corner, there is no better time to lift up amazing females, celebrate their greatness and be happy and proud to stand amongst them. As a female-led company, we here at Bursaria recognise the hard work, dedication and talent it takes to be successful and stand out from the competition, but the saying ‘empowered women empower women’ really is true… the more women stand together and raise each other up, the more we can all succeed together.

International Women’s Day is a global day celebrating the ‘social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women’ – whilst also raising awareness for gender equality. The theme for this 2020 International Women’s Day is ‘Generation Equality’ – a call to join forces across generations, to create a world where ‘every girl and woman has equal opportunities to fulfil their full potential’. Equal access to education and income are central to levelling the playing field for women around the world, and this means all women speaking out against inequality, demonstrating fairness in our own businesses and becoming a universal force for impactful change.

In honour of this monumental day, we asked some of our very own inspirational women from within our business, to compile a short but sweet list of other women they admire from within the hospitality industry, and why:

Alice Waters

An American chef, restaurateur, activist and author, Alice is the owner of Chez Panisse, a Californian restaurant famous for its organic, locally grown ingredients. Sara O’Callaghan, our esteemed Director, says Alice has been a long term role model. Sara was fortunate enough to have visited her restaurant in California to experience her ‘farm gate to plate’ ethos.


Maggie Beer

Maggie Beer is an Australian cook, food author, restaurant owner, and is one of the judges on The Great Australian Bake Off, and a regular guest on MasterChef Australia. Sara admires her use of flavours and style of cooking which always make the produce the hero of her cooking. Vanessa, our Sales Manager, agrees and loves her simple and unpretentious approach to food.


Jo Barrett 

Our Event Coordinator Bonnie has always loved the Yarra Valley, and kicked off her wine education with her parents at the various vineyards – learning to polish glasses when she was 8 years old, while her parents hosted a wine club! Oakridge was a standout, and Bonnie remembers it feeling so special. Since working in hospitality, Bonnie has come to admire the work Jo and the Oakridge team are doing with zero waste and low food miles.

Nigella Lawson

Nigella’s beautifully styled, yet authentic and down to earth cooking, along with her ‘backbone of steel’ and sharp wit, makes her one of Bonnie’s role models. Seeing her speak in Melbourne last year cemented Bonnie’s love for her as an advocate, intelligent and empathetic speaker and dinner party host extraordinaire!


Kirsten MacKelden

Vanessa admires the way Kirsten has built her incredible ‘Real Weddings’ business and really paved the way for wedding directories. After so many years in the industry, Kirsten remains passionately hands-on with her business and clients on a day to day basis… a real inspiration for anyone involved in the events and weddings sector.

 Jo Betz

A gorgeous woman with the most infectious smile, Jo is an amazing celebrant who brings so much joy to an already happy occasion – someone’s wedding day! Jo suffered an immense personal loss in 2017 but has not let this stop her. She has since continued to pursue her career as celebrant, running her own business and inspiring others who have suffered loss and mental health issues through her writing and public speaking.


There are so many more fabulous women in hospitality and other industries, all over the world – too many to mention! Gender equality is an international issue, however, to do our part on a micro level, we must remember to continuously acknowledge and praise other women’s achievements, see them as mentors and role models, appreciate the healthy competition, support and stand together in an effort to bridge the gender inequality gap, and be valued for all the wonderful value females bring to the table. And at the same time – don’t be shy to shout your own achievements from the rooftops too!

For us, a gender equal world can be healthier, wealthier and more harmonious, with a fair playing field for all – who wouldn’t want that?! The goal is a gender equal boardroom, gender equal government, equal media coverage, equal workplaces and businesses, equal sports coverage, equal pay, more gender equality in health and wealth … so let’s make it happen. Go and celebrate the fierce females in your life, not just today, but every day, and let’s be #EachForEqual… 

Happy International Women’s Day from all of us at Bursaria!